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As of September 30, 2019, we have received a certificate from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government stating that we meet the standards for guidance and supervision of unlicensed childcare facilities.
From October, childcare fees, fees related to childcare, and admission and annual membership fees required to receive childcare will be exempt from taxation.
There are some items that are not tax exempt (diaper fees, etc.), so please contact us for more details.

Admission fee and annual fee

Admission fee (per family) ¥20,000
Annual fee (per child) ¥10,000

Admission fee and annual fee are required for enrollment.


Child Care Center (temporary childcare)
Temporary childcare
Hourly fee Members Visitors
¥1,800 ¥2,200
Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays (excluding holidays)
¥2,100 ¥2,750

*The above amounts are per hour. (Minimum usage time is 2 hours.)
*For children under 1.5 years old, the above hourly rate + ¥150
*Please refer to the babysitting fee for other than the above hours.

Child Care Center (monthly use)
0 - 1.5 years old 1.5years old and over
50 hours ¥80,500 ¥75,500
80 hours ¥105,000 ¥100,000
100 hours ¥115,000 ¥108,500
150 hours ¥150,000 ¥141,500
200 hours ¥185,500 ¥174,500

*Monthly contract is not eligible for sibling discount.
*Saturday use: +500 yen per hour
*Not available on Sundays and national holidays.

Once a week course (4 times a month)
Morning class
(Weekdays 10:00a.m.~13:00p.m.)
Afternoon class
(Weekdays 15:00.p.m.~17:00p.m.)
1Day course
(Weekdays 10:00a.m.~17:00p.m.)

*Facilities and meals (snacks in the afternoon) included.
*For children 1.5 years old and over

Child Care Center (separate fee)
Common for both monthly and temporary care
Facility Fee 650 yen per day
Meal fee(※1)
(Lunch fee)
500 yen per meal
(Monthly and Temporary Childcare)
50 yen per diaper
Water server usage fee
(for milk preparation only)
300 yen per day
Monthly use
Snack Free of charge
Temporary care
Snack ¥200
Visitor Insurance Fee 1,000 yen per day

*1 Please make lunch reservations by 12:00 p.m. the day before.
*Meals will be provided by an outsourced lunch shop. Allergies can be accommodated.

Same-day reservations and after-hours extensions

The following additional fees will be charged for same-day reservations.

Customers who use the service on a monthly basis ¥500
Customers using temporary childcare ¥1,000
Visitors ¥2,000
*Reservations made outside of business hours (all customers) ¥2,000

*If reservation or extention of stay outside of business hours was made on the day of use
*If usage of the room after business hours is required, please make a reservation as soon as possible.

No additional charge will be incurred in the following cases
 1.Advance reservation (by 5:00 p.m. the day before)
 2.If reservation is made before 6:00 p.m. and strike on the system device is made by 6:10 p.m. (i.e., the time of the iPad in front of the entrance)
 3.Extension even on the same day until 6:30pm is possible if prior contact is made to the office

Babysitter Dispatch
Weekdays Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays
(excluding holidays)
9:00 - 6:00p.m. ¥1,900
6:00 - 9:00a.m. ¥2,200
6:00 - 11:00p.m. ¥2,200
23:00p.m. - 6:00a.m. ¥2,750

*The above amounts are per hour. (Minimum usage time is 3 hours.)
*Transportation fees to and from the babysitter's home will be charged separately.
*A visitor insurance fee of ¥1,000 per person per day will be added.

Same-day cancellations. Fee for the reserved time
Cancellation the day before ¥2,500

● A 10% surcharge will be added to the above hourly rate for any extra time requested.
● Same-day cancellations will be charged 100% of the fee up to the reserved time, and cancellations the day before will be charged a flat rate of 2,500 yen.
● Changes to reservation times are accepted up to one business day in advance (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM), and changes on the day of the appointment will not be accepted.
(Example: If you return home earlier than planned or if you are delayed for the appointment, charges will still apply based on the requested time.
● Free cancellation is available up to two business days from the reservation date.
     *Cancellations for Monday will be accepted until Friday. Cancellations for requests made on a public holiday and requests for the following day that fall on a public holiday will be accepted until the day before the public holiday.

*Cancellations made by answering machine will not be accepted.
*Cancellations for Monday must be made by Friday of the previous week.
(If cancellation is made on Saturday, it will be treated as the cancellation made the day before.)

International Preschool

Afternoon Class
One time (1 hour) ¥6,050

*Please inquire about days and times.
*In addition to the above fees, there may be a separate materials fee.

Infant Class・ Painting Class

Infant Class  Morning class (2 years old and over)
Once a week ¥27,500

*Tax included

Infant Class Afternoon class (Infants)
1 time (2 hours) ¥6,050

*In addition to the above fees, there may be an additional charge for materials.
*Tax included

Painting Class(for Infants)
Once a week ¥3,300

*Tax included

Pick-up Fee(Walking, Bus, Cab)

All members 2,000 Yen + actual transportation fee
Pick-up from Matsumura Kindergarten 500 yen
Visitor Actual transportation fee

*Only designated kindergartens are available for pick-up.
*Walk to pick-up: Matsumura Kindergarten, Edako-kai Komaba Kindergarten.
*Bus or cab pick-up: : Kishibe Kindergarten, Dalton School, Shoin Kindergarten.
*Depending on the departure time of the bus, we will use a cab.
*In addition, please consult with us if kindergarten buses stop in the vicinity of Life Little, etc.

Car pick-up and drop-off fee

Members ¥3,000/one way or per 30 min.
Visitors ¥3,500/one way or per 30 min.

The hourly fee is charged separately from the transportation fee.
Please note that there may be delays in arrival due to traffic conditions.
During boarding and alighting, assistance from customers may be necessary due to parking constraints.
available hours: Weekdays from 9:30 AM to arrival by 6:00 PM
The service area is within a 2 km radius from Life Little
There might be additional parking fees apply.
The designated pick-up location can only be used for transportation to and from Life Little.
Pick-up is available for children who can sit in a child seat alone.

Cautionary Note

Prices in parentheses above are for visitors.
All Prices without "tax included" are shown exclusive of tax.
Only babysitting fees, afternoon classes, and Infant class fees are taxable.
If two siblings share the same time, the second and subsequent siblings will be charged half the hourly rate.