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After being carefully nurtured in their mothers' bellies and making their debut in society, children are blessed with the love of many people and they slowly grow into adults. Life Little babysitters will bring a little love to your child just like your family's "love" to you.

At such a time and such a place

  • In-Home Childcare

    In-Home Childcare

    We take care of your child in a familiar environment so that you can go out with peace of mind.
    We can also provide double care for children from nursery schools and kindergartens, as well as care for children with special needs, etc.

  • Postpartum care

    Postpartum care

    "Our experienced babysitters" will provide support during this important period for both mother and child after the birth of your child.
    Bathing, simple household chores, watching the older child, etc.
    *There is an additional charge for this service."

  • Hotels and ceremonies

    Hotels and ceremonies

    We can take care of your child at hotels and wedding ceremonies when you are out of town or at a wedding.
    *Please arrange a room or waiting room.

  • Travel


    Overnight stay or stay overnight (at home, etc.)
    Accompanying domestic and international travel
    *Please contact us when you have decided on the details of your application.

  • Group care

    Group care

    Our experienced babysitters will support you during this important time for both mother and child after the birth of your child.
    Group Care at event planning venues.
    We have a full staff and will provide attentive service.
    Please contact us for more details.

Our commitment to childcare

We believe that it is most important for children to feel that they have had a good time while away from their parents, and that the children themselves feel that they had a good time.
At LifeLittle Child Care Center, children are cared for in a home-like atmosphere by professionally trained staff.
We also believe that building a trusting relationship with parents is the most fundamental aspect of providing a safe and secure place for their children to stay.

inside the school
inside the school

Unlike traditional daycare centers, we are located in a quiet residential neighborhood with bright, large windows and a spacious floor - with plenty of toys for children to play and learn to their heart's content.
The center is not limited to supporting full-time working mothers, but can also accommodate late-night childcare to meet the needs of parents with prior consultation.

Live cameras installed for peace of mind for parents.
We have installed live cameras in our classrooms, and have introduced a system that allows you to observe your child at any time through your personal computer.
You can also observe from your smart phone.
We also offer a variety of consultation services for childcare. Please feel free to contact us.

Babysitter Service Basic Overview

Applicable ages Between the ages of 0 and 12
Available Hours From 3 hours per session (rounded up to the nearest 10 minutes).
Reservations As a rule, please call at least 2 days in advance to make a reservation.
In case of emergency, please consult with us.
Staff Our staff consists of a wide range of ages (20s-60s) and experience, including qualified nursery school teachers, nurses, kindergarten teachers, and others with childcare experience, as well as students studying childcare. Our staff members have undergone training and seminars.
Insurance System We have an insurance system for all eventualities and ABA-approved property insurance.
The safety of the child and the peace of mind of the parents are our first priority.

Service Details

Our System
First, we will discuss with you in advance the TPO of your child and your family's educational policy, and create an original program that will serve as the basis for your child's program.
Furthermore, each time we visit, we use "sitting notes" to check the child's health status as well as whether or not the child takes walks or baths in detail, so that we can provide a service that suits the family and the child.
Safety and Security
We promise to maintain privacy by strictly confirming your preferences and entrustments regarding taking phone calls, dealing with home deliveries and visitors, as well as handling of cash and keys during in-home care.

Corresponding area

Tokyo 23 wards
Chiyoda, Chuo, Minato, Shinjuku, Bunkyo, Taito, Sumida, Koto, Shinagawa, Meguro, Ota, Setagaya, Shibuya, Nakano, Suginami, Toshima, Kita, Arakawa, Itabashi, Nerima, Adachi, Katsushika, Edogawa wards

Outside the 23 Wards of Tokyo
Machida City, Komae City, Chofu City, Mitaka City, Musashino City, Nishi-Tokyo City, Higashikurume City, Kiyose City, Higashimurayama City, Kodaira City, Koganei City, Fuchu City, Inagi City, Tama City, Hino City, Kunitachi City, Kokubunji City, Tachikawa City, Higashiyamato City, Musashimurayama City, Akishima City, Akiruno City, Ome City, Hachioji City, Hinode City, Mizuho Town

Kanagawa Prefecture
Yokohama City (some areas), Kawasaki City (some areas)

Chiba Prefecture
Some areas

Flow of Use

1. Sending materials

2. Registration
Please fill out the enclosed registration form and return it to us.
*Please remember to sign and seal the back of the registration form, especially your emergency contact information.

3. Application
Once you have decided on a date, please call or fax us at least 2 business days in advance to let us know your specific needs and job description.

4. Session with the receptionist
Please confirm the date and time, and discuss the directions from the station to your home.
If you wish, the sitter in charge will contact you in advance.
The receptionist will contact you at least one day before your visit.

5. Babysitter's visit and handover
Please prepare a note of emergency contact information (where to go), condition of your child, details of the sitting, your home doctor's details, emergency evacuation address, etc.

6. End of babysitting and handover
Please take over during the reserved time.

7. Confirmation of sitting memo, end time, confirmation signature and transportation fee
The fee will be charged based on the number of children and hours of use as indicated on the sitting memo, so please be sure to check and fill in the end time and confirmation sign.
*Discount coupons for home daycare services and coupons for various benefits are available. Please inquire for details.
*One application must be for a minimum of 3 hours. If you expect to extend the service, please apply well in advance. 3 hours of basic time will be charged even if the service is less than 3 hours.
*We cannot accept children with a fever of 38 degrees Celsius or higher or with other potentially contagious illnesses.
*We cannot accept medication. We have been notified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare that this is strictly prohibited as it constitutes a medical procedure.