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Children grow up by becoming curious in various things in their daily lives, playing, learning, and being stimulated.

Eying today's global society, Life Little provides a better English environment in which children can demonstrate their abilities and nurture and develop their skills by gradually introducing them to a second language, English, into their daily lives. We also help promote Social, Emotional, Physical, and Intellectual skills by utilizing the ability to learn (Learning) and think (Thinking) on their own initiative willingly.

We also incorporate English into daily play according to the age and personality of the children, and structure our curriculum so that children can learn English in a fun and enjoyable way. At the same time, we also teach basic lifestyle skills (greetings, manners, toilet training, etc.) necessary for preschool while having fun."

Children experience and learn a lot through play, which is said to be the most important part of childhood.
Curiosity develops language and communication skills.
In other words, play is learning for children.

At Life Little, we believe that children's interest in various fields will increase as they interact and communicate in languages other than their own through foreign teachers and friends from other countries.While children learn Japanese, we want to incorporate English into their daily lives at the same time and support a future where children can make themselves shine in their respective fields in the global society of the future."


Extended Childcare

Life Little also offers childcare outside of lesson times from 10:00am to 1:00pm.
We offer flexible hours from 8:00am to 10:00pm on weekdays for those who work full time and for those who need an extended pick up time due to urgent business on the day of the lesson.
Of course, the service is also available for those who need it only during non-lesson hours.
We can also pick up children from Life Little neighborhood kindergartens, so please feel free to contact us for more information.



What’s eurhythmics?

Eurhythmics is a form of music education that is said to nurture a child's latent basic skills while fostering emotional development and developing a sense of sound and rhythm.
The children are encouraged to listen to sounds, feel them, understand them, then touch instruments, and experience the joy of combining sounds to make music with their whole bodies. Through this joy, they develop an interest in making sounds, playing them, and creating melodies from them, as well as a feeling of sound.
As they make sounds and move their bodies, they will feel the joy of music in their minds and bodies.


What to expect from Eurhythmics

  • Motor skills will be developed.

  • Concentration skills will be developed.

  • Communication skills will be enhanced.

  • Balance the mind and body.

Message from the Representative Ms.Yoko Shimada

Children can make a leap forward as far as they want as long as they have a solid foundation to demonstrate their abilities.

And even if they have a lot of knowledge, they cannot make a leap forward if they do not have the ”wisdom" to use that knowledge.We are working with children in the hope that they will grow up with the kindness, strength, and wisdom to accept and grow through many experiences in order to become the right adults. There are many preschools. Each preschool has its own ideas and policies. We hope that you will choose the preschool that best suits your child by seeing it with your own eyes. And please come and visit Life Little Shoto International School with your child for your consideration. We hope you will come and see the shining faces of our students."

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