International Pre School integrating "childcare" and "English education"
We respect every child's individuality and nurture an imaginative sensibility, an ability to learn willingly and think independently.

  • Creativityimaginative sensibility

  • Learningability to learn willingly

  • Thinkingability to think

As a total partner with parents and children, we value each child's individual "environment," "childcare," "education," "diet," "lifestyle," and "family educational policy," all of which vary from child to child, and through "English education" and "global education" from early childhood, we naturally guide and develop children's physical and mental growth and limitless potential. Our curriculum is designed to help children develop their physical and mental growth and unlimited potential through English education and global education from early childhood. We will avoid setting a limit to their possibilities arising from a lack of familiarity with different cultures and languages, but rather will stimulate their interest and curiosity in new worlds and nurture a mind capable of feeling many moving experiences."

Be away from mother=first adventure
English education in a privileged environment in early childhood is an irreplaceable treasure for the child's future.

Play is said to be the most important part of childhood.
Our curriculum allows children to learn a lot from a lot of play!

Children will be exposed to different cultures and learn international manners and rules through group living with friends from various countries!

Optimal curriculum set for each age group
As an International Pre School that accepts children from 0 years old and allows them to attend anytime they want, we have established a curriculum for each age group so that each child can develop their own unique abilities.


Small Kids18~24month

Big Kids2~4years old

After School4years old~

International Pre School

International Pre School